Hundreds of Wales children treated for sleep problems

Saturday 10 June 2017 2 months ago 98   Lebanon   Print

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Report  Web desk : LONDON: Hundreds of children are being treated for sleep problems in Wales every year. In some cases, babies, infants and teenagers have been admitted to hospital while in north Wales alone, the number being prescribed medication rose by 20% in the last three years. Cases have included severe neuro-disabilities and epilepsy, but experts said many also suffered from insomnia, sleep walking and chronic nightmares. Campaigners said sleep-deprivation could have severe consequences. The Children Sleep Charity said many families were now at crisis point due to a lack of sleep, with technology use before bedtime being a major factor. Public Health Wales (PHW) said sleep was as important to a child health and wellbeing as healthy eating and exercise, and children with poor sleep patterns were more likely to be obese. (01)