India marches for Science as peace tool

Thursday 10 August 2017 2 months ago 38   India    Print

Indians are seen in rally for peace science

Report  Web Desk : New Delhi: Inspired by the global March for Science that was organised earlier this year, Indians held rallies in more than 20 cities across the country for the promotion of science and technology. According to International media, thousands of Indian scientists and their supporters marched across the country on Wednesday. The marchers demanded that the government invest more in science and promoted scientific work. While the rallies attracted thousands of people Meena Kharamtal, one of the rally organisers in Mumbai said that the march was "not a protest," and was for science. Other than demanding the general promotion of science and technology the rally organisers said that they specifically wanted the government to increase the budget for scientific and technological research to at least three percent of the GDP, a far higher amount than the 0.8 percent of the GDP that India generally spends on research and development according to data reports released by the World Bank. Commenting on the situation Anindita Brahma, a research associate at the Indian Institute of Science, stated that funding for "basic science in India is facing a grave situation,” Another scientist, Deepak Modi from Mumbai, bluntly told that India’s current expenditure on research and development was "way smaller than anything needed to make any kind of breakthrough in science". 02