Indian villagers living with superstition of not having doors in houses

Thursday 21 2017 4 weeks ago 35   India    Print

Report  Web Desk : INDIA: Building houses without doors in this time and age is an unknown phenomenon. But in an Indian village of Sudemau this is a reality where people do not have front doors or locks to guard their homes. According to Indian press, hundreds of residents of Sudemau village in Pratapgarh, India have lived in their cemented or mud houses without doors for the past eight generations. While there are no doors or locks, or any kind of security, not a single case of theft has been reported – something that surprises officials posted in nearby Patti Kotwali police station. Vijay Narayan Mishra, a resident of that village says, We believe that Nag Devta (the mythical god of snakes) guards our houses. The villagers have been following an old superstition that a front door in their abode will bring in miseries. Behind the old-tradition is folktale of a snake that was trapped between two parts of the door and crushed to death accidentally when a resident was closing it. The incident got us the curse that if anyone in the family of the man responsible for the serpent death would install a door in his house, his entire generation will be destroyed, claimed villagers. In fear of the curse, every villager has been blindly following the practice without complaining. Many villagers vouch that those who tried to break the tradition and installed doors had to suffer. “There were untimely deaths of family members besides other problems. However, everything became normal once the doors were taken off,” claimed Vijay Narayan, whose father built his house outside the village and installed doors. “Soon after, he had to bear the loss of his brother,” claimed Narayan while citing a few other incidents where persons trying to install doors in their houses had to suffer. “Anyone who tried to go against the tradition had to suffer from ugly consequences,” said Kamlakant Mishra, another resident. 02