Latest research claims elder children are worst drivers than younger siblings

Saturday 12 August 2017 2 months ago 62   New York   Print

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Report  Web Desk : NEW YORK: The research, carried out by Privilege Car Insurance, assessed the driving habits of 1,395 motorists. They found that 89 per cent of older siblings are likely to speed, 47 per cent to annoy other drivers by cutting them off, 46 per cent to hog the middle of the road and 35 per cent to get fined. 17 per cent of first-born children admitted to applying makeup while driving and 30 per cent to using their phone at the wheel. These were all higher rates than that of younger siblings, meaning first-borns have been in more collisions than middle and youngest children. In families with multiple children, the youngest turned out to be the best driver – 42 per cent cut up other drivers and 36 per cent hog lanes on the motorway. The researchers also found that excuses for bad driving varied depending on birth order. While middle and youngest children are most likely to lay the blame on other drivers annoying them (28 per cent), eldest children say they only have bad road etiquette if there’s a good reason, such as being late (18 per cent). Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege DriveXpert, said: “Sibling rivalry is a famous family issue, in particular when arguing over who is the better driver. 02