Local NGO organizes awareness program for health of pregnant women

Thursday 28 2017 3 weeks ago 65   Sukkur   Print

Report  Bisma Waseem : Sukkur: Program Manager of NARI Foundation Sukkur Advocate Shafique Ahmed said that lack of Awareness remained a big cause of loosing lives during pregnancy and Government should urge to make rules for avoiding much man made causalities to save the lives of the women of Sindh. He expressed these views during his awareness sessions regarding awareness of Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights (SRHR). The group formation and awareness sessions were organized by NARI Foundation in association with Amplify Change UK in 10 different villages of Taluka Saleh Patt including Village Moula Bux, Village Muhammad Panah Mahar and others to inform villagers about the complications related to sexually transmitted infections. While speaking to the participants of sessions, Mr. Saeed Ahmed M & E Manager of SRHR Project, Senior Journalist Mr. Mushtaque Tanwari, Advocacy Officer Fatima Naeem Mangi told that earlier people avoid speaking on the issues of Sex Reproductive Health and Contraception which were real need of the time to consider and reshape the lives with peace and prosperity. With the efforts of NARI Foundation and Amplify Change UK people have become much aware about their health rights and they have started to take care of the number, spacing and timing of their children birth. During the program Mr. Zameer Bhanbhro, Waheed Mahar, Talib Mahar and Rahim Bux Mahar expressed that they have felt a big difference in the thinking of people through this kind of awareness sessions in the area. 02