Media has to play vital role during census: Syed Jalal Shah

Saturday 22 April 2017 6 months ago 18   Badin   Print

Report  Tanweer Ahmed Arain : BADIN: Syed Jalal Muhammad Shah said that Sindh Govt is not serious regarding the census. He observed that census staff had faced myriad difficulties because of lack of interest by the bureaucrats towards the census and proper facilitation. He expressed that despite all these tactics they are satisfied with process of census of first phase for eights districts. While talking with journalists at Badin Press Club on Saturday, Syed Jalal Muhammad Shah said that nowadays, there are hot waves in across the Sindh but he is not in favor to postpone the census. He stressed that census should be continue according its plan adding he said there is an important role of the media in the census and media should monitor actively whole process of the census 2017. He expressed that real and accurate facts of the census of phase-II can help in getting the due share of the resources and seats of National and provincial assemblies. He said that due to the temporary migration at some parts of Thar, the duration of census should be increased as all migrated people can be counted. He stressed that there is right time to come forward to play a real role towards the census rather than posting status on social media. He appealed the people Sindh to come forward and take their part in the census as real facts can be counted. On the occasion, Niaz Kalani, Dr. Dodo Mehri, Nawaz Shah Bhadai, Amir Azad Pnwahr and others were also present. 02