Mehwish Hayat wants to do films on women issues

Saturday 09 2017 2 weeks ago 24   Lahore   Print

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Report  Web Desk : LAHORE: The Punjab Nahi Jaungi star Mehwish Hayat has pronounced willingness to do films concerning women’s issues. Mehwish Hayat has become now a big name in showbiz as one can see her face everywhere in films, on TV, singing on a big music show she has many secret lives. She is an actress, singer, TV-show host and the face of numerous advertisements. “I have a number of offers to act in films but would be more interested in doing a film based on women’s issues”, adding that she would never do films that could harm the country’s reputation. “If I ever do an Indian film, it will be on my terms and conditions and not theirs, because I have made a place for myself in Pakistan with honesty and dedication. I don’t want to be cast as a showpiece or an object of desire in a film on either side of the border,” she explains. “I would love to represent my country with dignity”, she added. Mehwish Hayat said she had drifted away from the silver screen a year ago, she reasoned it as having issues with certain people back then. She also said there is a high chance she would turn to direction in the long run. (01)