Minorities of KPK show solidarity with Rohingya Muslims

Wednesday 06 2017 2 months ago 57   Peshawar   Print

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Report  Web Desk : PESHAWAR: The minority community of Peshawar has expressed solidarity with Rohingya Muslims and called upon the international community to raise voice against the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar. The community of Sikhs, Hindus and Christians of Peshawar condemned the violence against Rohingya Muslims and demanded that those involved in the genocide of Muslims should be given exemplary punishment. They said that no religion allows persecution of and violence on human beings adding that the federal government should play its role and establish contacts with other countries to stop the genocide of Rohingya Muslims. The minority community also warned of countrywide protests if Myanmar did not take concrete steps to stop violence against Muslims. They said that the protests would continue until the persecution of Rohingya Muslims is stopped and the responsible people are brought to the book.