Mysterious light witnessed in Mexico after earthquake

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Mysterious flashes of light lit up the sky in Mexico

Report  Web Desk : MEXICO: Mysterious flashes of light lit up the sky in Mexico after the country was struck by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake has been the strongest to hit the country in a 100 years, which led to more than 50 deaths and a tsunami warning. People shared on social media the video of the strange blue and green flashes of light. Some studies have found that the lights are generated due to ionization of oxygen to oxygen anion. Once the ionization occurs, the ions make use of small cracks and fissures to travel through the rocks until they make their way to the atmosphere, which leads to plasma light. On the other hand, another study reveals that an intense electric field is created due to the movement of rocks containing quartz minerals. Some studies have suggested the lights occur when two rocks rub against one another, once the rocks are separated it causes a positive voltage spike, which on a large scale, produce earthquake lights. 02