NFC award based on population: Acting VC Sukkur IBA

Saturday 07 October 2017 2 weeks ago 85   Sukkur   Print

VC Sukkur IBA addressing to the seminar.

Report  Bisma Waseem : SUKKUR: The acting Vice Chancellor Sukkur IBA University Engr. Zahid Hussain Khand said that National Finance Commission (NFC) Award is based on certain figures which are basis of misinterpretation among the federation and the provinces. While addressing to a seminar titled the Resource Distribution and NFC Award, held today at the auditorium of SIBA University Zahid Hussain Khand said. He added that 82% of the count of NFC Award is based on the population as there are other factors also, which are poverty in the area and expenses made there. But in our country unfortunately we lack the authenticity of the data, he added. Referring to the recent population he told that we are having population of 200 million but Sindh is still not satisfied with the results. The tax and revenue collection as we all know that there is a mess in the tax and revenue collection as there is no authentic data available. Economist Dr. Qaiser Bengali referring to his old affiliation with the Sukkur IBA University said that during his tenure as the economic advisor to the CM Sindh, he approved all the projects of Sukkur IBA University without any hesitation because he knew that every single paisa will be spent properly. Talking about the devastating flood of 2010, he said that funds to all the departments were cut, except of the Thar Coal, Sindh Assembly and Sukkur IBA University. He further said that the NFC Award is distributed on the basis of population and thus Punjab use to get 57 percent of it. He said that Punjab was against the NFC and did not want to change its pattern and thus resorted to delay tactics, later a committee was formed to look into the matter, but it proved nothing except for wasting time and then it was said, to carry on the process on old pattern. He further said that when NFC was reconstituted in August 2009 then Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah formed a ministerial committee to finalize the process. (01)