Nissan unveils new electric car

Wednesday 06 2017 2 weeks ago 24   Japan   Print

Nissan electric car

Report  Web Desk : Japan: Japanese giant Nissan on Wednesday unveiled a new electric car with an extended range and semi-autonomous driving functions, as it seeks to battle off competitors in a sector it once pioneered. The second-generation Nissan Leaf has a potential range of 400 kilometres (250 miles) between charges, compared with 250 kilometres for its previous version. It also boasts semi-autonomous driving capabilities such as keeping the vehicle automatically in one lane on the motorway or parking without human intervention. Faced with tighter global environmental regulations, most carmakers are investing heavily in the electric-car sector, sparking a ferocious race to create the next green vehicle. Nissan was an innovator in the sector seven years ago when it unveiled its first Leaf -- which has sold 280,000 units -- but has since had to contend with fierce competition from General Motors and Tesla among others. "The second (Leaf) will be one of our core products -- it is not a niche anymore," Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa told a news briefing for the new car on Wednesday. Saikawa defended the vehicle’s potential range, which fell short of expectations and puts it behind Tesla’s Model 3. "(The range) is more than enough for Japan and most European countries," he said.