Online Dating: Man waits for 10 days on airport for girlfriend

Sunday 04 June 2017 3 months ago 95   Beijing   Print

Man waiting for 10 days for girl he met online

Report  Web desk : BEIJING: A guy named Alexander Pieter Cirk made news headlines when he was hospitalized for exhaustion after spending 10 days waiting for his online girlfriend at Changsha Huanghua International Airport in China. But to his disappointment, the woman, identified only by her surname Zhang, never showed up. According to the news, Alexander flew 4,500 kilometers to China to see the 26-year-old Zhang, two months after meeting online, but that did not happen. When contacted by the local media, the alleged girlfriend said that she thought he was joking when he said he was visiting. Even when Alexander sent her pictures of his air tickets, she didn’t take him seriously. This whole incident has left the guy in a pitiful condition. 02