Paranormal investigator shaken after making contact with spirit

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Paranormal investigator haunting spirits

Report  Web Desk : SHEFFIELD: A paranormal investigator was left shaken after he claimed to have made contact with a spirit on Britain most haunted road. Investigator Phil Sinclair was filming in the woods in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to try to see if reported sightings of the spirits of children and a monk were true. The 15-minute film shows Phil use Ovilus, a device that detects EMF (Electromotive force) and turns it into language, to help communicate and record the spiritual encounter. The footage, filmed on September 2, recorded a terrifying growl telling him to “get out” before the spirit says he needs something. Phil replies “What do you need?” and it says “Your soul” speaking through the device. He also caught a ghostly figure walk behind him around 5.53 minutes into the footage. “This investigation is the most terrifying one so for me personally as it affected me enough I could not sleep,” said Phil, a 30-year-old guitar tutor. When I got home I could not shake the image from my mind, leaving me to take a sleeping tablet. I am not the one to jump straight in and say everything is paranormal. I like to debunk as much as I can but this experience is something I cannot explain. “The figure in the video seems to pass behind me and the girl holding the lighting and then said she feels a presence behind here. “Moments later I saw a face of a man over her shoulder. I literally blinked and it was gone.” 02