Priyanka Chopra gets brutally trolled for plastic surgery

Friday 16 June 2017 2 months ago 95   Mumbai   Print

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Report  Web desk : MUMBAI: Going under the knife is nothing out of ordinary for the TV stars, and not all of them take to this measure in pursuit of beauty, but a number of Bollywood figures are known to have undergone cosmetic surgery. Priyanka Chopra name has been dragged for a plastic surgery once again. It all started when the Bajirao Mastani actress posted her selfie before heading to Mumbai and many hatred comments began pouring on her Instagram profile! Priyanka posted the selfie and captioned it as saying, Is it ok to be super excited about heading home? mumbaikar. Priyanka Chopra picture received a lot of hate on Instagram and sparked rumours of the actress going under the knife (again). From being called ugly to what is wrong with her nose remarks, Priyanka faced lot of flak for her alleged nose job. Priyanka on trolls I feel like we live in a world right now where everything gets magnified so much and most of us are afraid to have an opinion. Priyana does not give a damn about trolls Everyone has an opinion on the internet. . (01)