Priyanka criticized by Indians for meeting Syrian refugees

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Actress Priyanka Chopra meeting Syrian refugees

Report  Web Desk : DAMASCUS: Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is visiting Syrian refugees in Jordan and has urged the world to help the war affected community through United Nations Children Fund (Unicef). Her interaction with the children and teenagers among the refugees is being appreciated the world over but one Indian criticised her work. First things first, here are some of the most moving experiences that she shared with her fans and followers. A class full of future doctors, engineers, police officers, teachers. What breaks my heart is they cannot even access proper schools as refugee kids… how will they access higher education?? These hopes and dreams.. where do they stand in the reality of their world? The government schools in Jordan have added evening classes and 200 schools to accommodate the growing number of Syrian children which is approximately 120000 children..But it is never enough. The world needs to help. We need to help,” wrote Priyanka Chopra. Hours ago, she shared another video while spending her day with a community hosting the refugees. “Today was very emotional. As we go about our daily privileged lives, it is hard to imagine that everything can be taken from you in an moment. Today we spent the day in a host community meeting Syrian refugee families (like this one) so desperately seeking a safe place of normalcy for their families. More than 80% of the Syrian refugees in Jordan live outside refugee camps in cities, urban centers and farming villages (host communities.) Amman hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees, about 180,000 people. Refugee families in host communities have limited livelihood opportunities, and after 6 years, have depleted their savings and borrowed money from everywhere to feed and support their families,” wrote the Quantico actress. 02