SDA protests against SEPCO for long load shedding

Tuesday 01 August 2017 3 months ago 64   Sukkur   Print

SDA employees are seen protesting against SEPCO

Report  Bisma Waseem : Sukkur: Sukkur Development Alliance (SDA), the alliance of different political, nationalist, social, religious and trade organizations of Sukkur under leadership of Chairman SDA Haji Muhammad Jawed Memon held unique protest demonstration at clock tower roundabout Sukkur on Tuesday against SEPCO for carrying out extra power load shedding, frequent tripping in power supply as well as issue of unjustified heavy detections bills and creating problems for the electricity consumers. The protesters on the occasion raised slogans against SEPCO Chief, SE SEPCO Sukkur and other higher officials of SEPCO and the angry protesters on the occasion torched the statue of CEO SEPCO. While addressing on the occasion, leaders of SDA including Chairman Jawed Memon said that the attitude of SEPCO was disgracing with the people of Sukkur which was highly condemnable. To please the highly corrupt officials of SEPCO, extra power load shedding was being carried out due to which citizens of Sukkur were facing problems and difficulties. They said that despite outage of power supply for long duration, heavy unjustified detection bills were being raised to electricity consumers just to cover up line losses and show better monthly performance while no action against those involved in power theft and enjoying electricity facilities without legal connections and how detection bills could be raised who have no any electricity connection as such whole burden of electricity theft and line losses was being put up upon legal connection holders and being recovered from them. They alleged that SEPCO Chief, SE SEPCO Sukkur and other higher officials of SEPCO were running the bazar of massive corruption by collecting extortion money worth lacs of rupees through their field staff adding that no action was being taking against corrupt SEPCO officials and line staff members who were supporting the power thieves. Due to their support, the power theft was being committed at large scale through illegal and kunda connections including running of air conditioners directly. 02