SU celebrates World Teachers Day

Thursday 05 October 2017 2 weeks ago 59   Jamshoro   Print

Report  Ali Murad Chandio : JAMSHORO: The World Teachers Day was observed at Sindh University Jamshoro on Thursday dedicated to Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers to highlight the need for teachers professional development in line with the global move for quality education, professional independence, freedom and the tools needed to deliver quality education, and to mark the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the 1994. In this regard, a seminar was organized jointly by the varsity Office of Dean of Natural Sciences and Bureau of Students Tutorial and Guidance Services (STAGS) at Shaikh Ayaz Auditorium, Arts Faculty Building of the University of Sindh Jamshoro which was presided over by the SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat. Among others, the pro vice chancellors (PVCs) of the constituent campuses, deans of various faculties, directors of centers, chairpersons of departments and faculty members attended the seminar. Addressing the seminar, SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat described teachers as “a source of inspiration and guidance” and told that one of Islam’s teachings was to respect teachers. He said a country progress was dependent upon quality education. Teachers, he said, played an important role in imparting quality education “to guarantee a bright future”. He said teachers, no matter which grade they taught, deserved respect and appreciation. Dr. Burfat stressed the need for hiring qualified teachers so that educational institutes could provide good education. He advised teachers to keep learning new things so that they could continue contributing to the society. “A good teacher is friendly and sincere,” he said and added that a teacher job was to teach children more than what was in the books and to encourage them to become good human beings. Sindh University Teachers Association (SUTA) President Dr. Azhar Ali Shah said that “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” was the theme of this year World Teachers day, celebrated around the world since 1994. He said that the empowerment of teachers emerged as a priority when the United Nations adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for Education. “It requires teachers to enjoy professional independence, freedom and the tools needed to deliver quality education, which must take into account learners circumstances, needs and expectations”, he said citing the recommendations given by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). But he said crises, conflicts, and insecurity alongside rising intolerance and discrimination, as well as budgetary restrictions were some of the factors affecting teachers in much of the world, undermining both their freedom and empowerment. PVC SU Laar Campus Badin Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro cited the UNESCO Institute of Statistics as saying that the international community undertook to provide universal primary and secondary education by 2030, and it he said was estimated that countries will need to recruit 68,8 million primary and secondary education teachers to make this target. PVC SU Thatta campus Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Solangi said that teaching should be regarded as a profession adding that it was a form of public service which required of teachers expert knowledge and specialized skills, acquired and maintained through rigorous and continuing study. Dr. Iqbal Ahmed Bhatti said that UNESCO Institute of Statistics had found that to achieve universal primary and secondary education by 2030, the world will need 69 million teachers. “It also calls for a sense of personal and corporate responsibility for the education and welfare of the pupils in their charge,” he said. On the occasion, PVC Naushahroferoze Muhammad Nawaz Narejo, PVC SU Larkana Campus Dr. Noor Muhammad Jamali, PVC Mirpurkhas Campus Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Gachal, Prof. Amar Sindhu and others also spoke. 02