Saudi Arabia planning to open beach resort for women: International Media

Thursday 03 August 2017 2 months ago 51   Riyadh   Print

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Report  Web Desk : RIYADH: Saudi Arabia is planning to open up a luxury beach resort on Red Sea shores where there will be special laws for burqa-clad women to wear bikinis. Foreign Press report claimed that Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who wants to modernise the Saudi economic structure, has constructed projects such as luxury beach resorts for women. One such project will be established in the northwestern part of the country. The goal is to create multiple sources of revenue in the oil-rich country. Prince Mohammed Vision 2030 will not only boast foreign tourism but also encourage locals to adopt the ‘modernized’ lifestyle in a country where women mostly cover their whole body with burqas. The beach resort eyes at developing suitable environment for international standards which may contradict with the country s hardline take on outdoor lives for women. According to the public investment fund details, the beach will be completed in 2022 while it aims to gather around 1 million visitors in the form of tourists and local residents every year by 2035. The luxury resort will be established across as many as 50 untouched natural islands which will bring people close to nature and act as a platform for cultural exchange. It aims to modernize the tourism policies in the Muslim-majority country. Last month, a Saudi model was arrested then released after her video went viral as she wore shorts in the desert where such clothing is prohibited by the authorities. The Middle East country wants to modernism its economy with the presence of Prince Mohammed, the son of King Salman, who now controls the foreign and defence policies of the state. 02