Secretary Education decides to bring in foreign publishers ignoring STBB governing body

Monday 11 2017 1 month ago 92   Hyderabad   Print

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Report  Web Desk : HYDERABAD: Secretary Education to Sindh Government Abdul Aziz Uqali violating 1970 Ordinance has decided to give contract of textbook publishing to foreign publishers without approval of the governing body of Sindh Text Book Board (STBB), which has raised concerns including unemployment of thousands of workers, error and omissions left behind text as published by foreign publishers and the books might not deliver to schools on time. According to sources the secretary trying to please his foreign friends who are publishers has ignored the local publishers as well as the governing body of the board, which puts a serious question mark on the credibility of the body and decided to give contract of publishing textbooks from class 1-10 to foreign publishers, due to such a decision the textbooks would not be prepared till 1st April in Sindh. Sources claim that the tender for publishing books for New Year is issued in July, from September to December after following different steps of publishing the books are prepared and sent to all the districts by January for new academic session, while till March it is made sure that books are available in every school, but now it has been advertised that the tender would open on 2nd October and since there would be bidding on international level, it seems that the process of scrutiny, lab testing and other steps would not be completed till December, while there are rumors that textbooks would be available after or in May, while there would summer vacations during June and July. On the other hand President of Pakistan Publishers Association, Khalid Aziz showing his concerns on this issue said that it sad because local money is being transferred aboard. “We are prepared to give quality publishing in Sindh, set by the government,” he added: “50,000 people are related to the business of publishing and this decision would affect their employment.” 02