Sherry Rehman displeased with PIA food service

Tuesday 12 2017 2 weeks ago 27   Islamabad   Print

Senator Sherry Rehman shares pic of food served in PIA on her twitter handle

Report  Web Desk : Senator Sherry Rehman is not taking stubbornness of Pakistan International Airlines for an answer as she complained of the flight food in a social media post on Tuesday (September 12). The former ambassador to the United States stated: “Soaked in oil deep-fried snacks on @OfficialPIA even the hungry turned away. Why is the flight kitchen not waking up to complaints?” The lawmaker was served some sweets, a sandwich, deep-fried snacks and good old black coffee during the flight. Earlier in August this year, Rehman was reported to have been unjustly alloted a seat on a flight, cancelling one of the seats of an already reserved series. The affected passenger had taken to the social media to complain about the incident. 02