Special handbag having feature of cooler

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Report  Web desk : Washington: Enter the Bella Vita wine purse. It is a handbag with a hidden pouring tap and a secret compartment for storing two bottles worth of wine. Hidden inside the seam is an insulated party pouch with a reservoir for booze. This leads to a concealed tap, that lets you elegantly dispense your wine into a glass or straight into your mouth, if you fancy. To fill up the bag, you just pour directly into a spout at the top. Marisa China, co-owner of Bella Vita, said: ‘We had previously seen a basic bag that had more of a cooler-like quality with inside insulation and a pouring spout. A carrier with a pouring spout was a good idea, but I envisioned a fashion purse that could be taken anywhere that needed to look beautiful both inside and outside – and have the added bonus of carrying two bottles of wine. This is a social accessory to be shared with friends, so one bottle was not enough and boxed wine would be too large and heavy. 02