Sports bring countries and people together: Grace Shelton

Wednesday 09 August 2017 2 months ago 26   Karachi   Print

US C G Grace Shelton addressing participants on Tennis and Badminton Diplomacy Day

Report  Web Desk : Karachi: The United States Consulate General in Karachi and the Sindh Tennis Association, co-sponsored “Tennis and Badminton Diplomacy Day” with students from local area schools. Consul General Grace Shelton welcomed teachers, coaches, and forty students- evenly divided between boys and girls- to play and learn about the sports of tennis and badminton. While addressing the participants, Consul General Shelton said: “Sports offer a tremendous opportunity to enhance mutual understanding, as it brings people and nations together. It also helps us to develop as well-rounded people, and to learn about each other.” The goal of sports diplomacy is to promote the positive attributes of sports, including teamwork, physical fitness and the positive effect sports can have on the self-esteem of Pakistani girls and boys. Today’s event highlighted the achievements of outstanding Pakistani athletes who play sports that don’t always get the same publicity as cricket or hockey. It is the latest edition in Consulate Karachi’s monthly sports diplomacy programming. 02