Sukkur artist remakes music video Sharminda hun Quaid

Saturday 12 August 2017 2 months ago 128   Sukkur   Print

Sukkur artist Faraz Sarwar, file photo.

Report  Bisma Waseem : SUKKUR: Sukkur artist Faraz Sarwar along with his Music Producer Sabir Hans released the music video for the song titled as “Sharminda hun Quaid” originally sung by Mohsin Abbas Haider on the eve of 14th August to recall the sacrifices of the great leader Muhammad Ali Jinah. Faraz’s first song covered was “Akhri Alvida” in 2008 & now with a strong vocals he is about to launch 10 Cover Songs very soon. The music video of “Sharminda hun Quaid” seeks to inspire the youth by highlighting and paying tribute to the hard work of Quaid-e-Azam. This song informs the youth that they failed to achieve the vision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The song is guaranteed to wake your inner conscience and make you want to admit your flaws as a Pakistani. The video of the song has achieved 5100 views on facebook and youtube.