Sunaina Roshan sister of Hrithik losses weight amazingly

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Sunanina Roshan then and now

Report  Web Desk : MUMBAI: Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan, who had been suffering from anxiety and depression had disappeared from the public domain owing to her disorders. Sunaina then underwent bariatric surgery and now, she is back with a boom. Hrithik took to twitter to celebrate his sister’s metaphorical change. “Now that’s what I call a transformation! So proud of you didi” reads a recent tweet of the actor. Sunaina spoke about her struggles with depression, eating and sleeping disorders, surgery and post-treatment bliss in a recent interview with Spotboye. “My grandfather fell ill and underwent angiography, two weeks later my brother (Hrithik) had to undergo brain surgery and then his divorce. I could not handle everything. I went into depression and started eating a lot,” Sunaina told the publication. “Then I shifted to a place of my own and got diabetic, had a fatty liver, and sleep apnoea (a sleep disorder characterised by pauses in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep). I had even developed cardiac problems, diabetes and hypertension,” she confessed. “I had so many health issues going against me, I had to take psychiatric help. Honestly, I could not get out of bed. I would walk two steps and become breathless,” she shared. I then underwent bariatric surgery.I was a high-risk patient and was running out of time, but Dr Muffi, being the best in his field made the surgery super successful,” she said. “I was 140 kg before I was wheeled in, I am 65 kg today,” she cheerfully flaunted. Sunaina was asked if she was on anti-depressants before the surgery to which she responded in the affirmative.”Yes, I had gone into a serious depression. Imagine my state and you will understand why I was prescribed anti-depressants,” Sunanina said. 02