TIFH holds protest rally against genocide of Rohingya muslims

Sunday 10 2017 1 month ago 73   Sukkur   Print

Protest rally of TIFH members seen in Sukkur.

Report  Bisma Waseem : SUKKUR: Members of Tanzeem Islah-ul-Fukra Hussainia (TIFH) Pakistan took out protesting rally in Sukkur on Sunday in order to protest against genocide of Rohingyas Muslims in Burma. The participants of protesting rally were carrying banners written with “We deny the violence and illegal killing of Muslims in Burma and demand from the United Nation to save Muslims of Burma from Violence” along with different placards written with “Curse to America, Curse to Israel”, ”Stop Killing Muslims in Burma”. Addressing the participants of the rally, the leader of the TIFH Sukkur said that the Muslims all over the world are brothers to one another. He added that it is the duty of the Muslims to raise voice for the oppressed Muslim community whether they are in Kashmir, Myanmar or Palestine. The leaders of the rally called upon the United Nations to help stop the Burmese army from the genocide of Rohingya Muslims and demanded of the UN to convene an emergency meeting and exert pressure on the Burmese government to stop atrocities against the Muslims. They also appealed for providing safety and security to all Muslims. (01)