Teen impresses people catching apples with mouth

Thursday 05 October 2017 3 weeks ago 32   London    Print

Report  Web Desk : LONDON: A teen showed off his impressive hand-eye coordination and sturdy teeth by catching apples in his mouth. He himself chomping apples out of the air following a series of lobs from his friend Casey Kirkbride. The features Hartman catching the apples in a variety of situations – including while carrying food, riding a stationary bike and typing on a laptop. Kirkbride also showed off his accuracy and range by tossing Hartman apples from the 3-point line on a basketball court and from a second-story balcony. It shows successful attempts including some painful-looking catches, Hartman said the stunt “only hurts if you miss.” Hartman’s highlight reel has been liked more than 130,000 times on Twitter, but his newfound viral fame prompted his mother to remind him his parents “paid a lot for those teeth.” 02