The Spy: A Novel by Paulo Choelo

Saturday 15 April 2017 6 months ago 33   Hyderabad   Print

Blogger  Kaleem Butt : From last decade or so, Paulo Choelo has become a writer of admiration for millions of people across the globe. His fiction clearly represents the facts of live and he masterfully connects spirituality with materialistic world, be it Brida, Valkyries, Al-Chemist, the Zahir or Aleph, Paulo turns on his readers and takes them to different worlds. He is probably the only author, whose books are translated in more than 52 languages of the world and are sold in millions. In his recent novel The Spy, Choelo pulls strings of a dancer Mati Hari, a dancer of France, who was born as a Dutch and learned Eastern Dancing, she was seen in the company of rich and influential men and is charged with spying for Germans in the First World War. The story is based on true events that happened with Mati Hari (Margaretha Geertruida). The novel is published by Penguin Random House and it came out in 2016, it opens with shooting of Mati Hari under espionage charges, while the story is divided into three parts, where Mati Hari writes a lengthy letter for her daughter telling her who her mother was, in the she denies the charges of being spy of an enemy, but her lawyer is unable to defend her from the charge, the novel gives description of great men like Pablo Picasso in company of Mati and discussing different angles of the art, there are men in power and even spies in her company, though she gets an offer from Germans to become their spy under name H21, but she rejects the offer and runs for her life and returns back to Paris, the city of lights, liberty and modernity, but she is arrested and charged and in 1917, she was arrested in her hotel room on the Champs Elysees, and accused of espionage. The novel is spread over 190 pages approximately and it is a remarkable story of a lady who dared to challenge convention and for that she paid the highest price by giving away her life. 02