The most dangerous rope bridge of world in Pakistan

Friday 04 August 2017 3 months ago 89   Islamabad   Print

Ladies are seen crossing the most dangerous bridge-File Photo

Report  Web Desk : ISLAMABAD: The Hussaini- Borit Lake Bridge is considered as one of the most dangerous as it is very old, narrow, and too high above the lake and to top it all the wooden planks are missing. The local people of northern Pakistan use several suspension bridges to cross the many rivers in the region. The view from the Hussaini-Borit Lake Bridge is picturesque, not to mention precarious and potentially lethal. The area is known for its “two bridge trek,” which is a major tourist attraction experience. No roller coaster or amusement park ride can come close to simulating the truly death-defying thrills and fears associated with crossing this bridge where sudden gusts of winds can knock travelers off their feet to a watery death within seconds. No one knows who built the Hussaini-Borit Lake Bridge, but it is extremely old, very narrow, situated too high above the lake and missing many of the original wooden planks. It passes through the village of Passu and other neighboring hamlets, ending at the lake itself. The likely death of those who dare to cross the rickety structure is only one disturbing fact associated with this bridge. It provides the only means of travel connecting locals to the larger cities of northern Pakistan, making the long and dangerous walk across its shaky foundation a common occurrence. These types of bridges are traditionally constructed mostly from rope. Due to the limited durability of natural materials, they require periodic repair. The bridge over Lake Borit is in desperate need of much more than that, but it still stands as it always did, shaky and perilous and simultaneously the only means of transport for locals. 02