Turkish Authorities detain Ukrainian singer for looking younger than age

Thursday 28 2017 3 weeks ago 62   Ankara   Print

Report  Web Desk : ANKARA: Turkish airport had recently detained a musical band vocalist, Ukraine-born Natalie Dzenkiv, for looking younger than her age. The security staff remained baffled how the singer can be in her 40s when she looks in her 20s. Lama band singer told media later on that the staff thought she is an offender who is traveling with fake or someone else s passport. She added that the airport staff had ultimately let her go when her fans gathered around and asked for autographs. She then told the airport staff to ask her fans about her age. Dzenkiv admitted that she often received such compliments about looking 20 years younger than her age. She laughed on the idea of being arrested for looking young. The musician has posted several photographs on social media in which it is hard to believe she is in her 40s. He works as a lead singer in her band. She also teaches music to young pupils back home. Dzenkiv has performed in various countries. 02