Untrained midwives major cause behind alarming rise in infant mortality rate: Research

Monday 31 July 2017 3 months ago 72   Jamshoro   Print

PhD scholar Syed Sada Hussain Shah addressing seminar

Report  Ali Murad Chandio : JAMSHORO: PhD scholar Syed Sada Hussain Shah of Department of Sociology, University of Sindh presented seminar to defend his doctoral thesis. The scholar had focused his study on the mortality rate in the context of social conditions of people in Hyderabad division. The seminar was presided over by VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Prof. Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Burfat, Chairman Department of Criminology, University of Karachi was the external expert for the evaluation of the seminar; whereas, Dr. Aijaz Ali Wassan was in attendance as Research Supervisor. As per findings of the study Shah said that lack of attention, resource allocation and monetary funding the mortality rate in the given area was dismal. Shah cited un-trained health staff also as a cause behind this dilemma. The scholar also presented a detailed overview of the socio-economic conditions of women of the region and pointed towards unsatisfactory medical care available to them, which ultimately contributed negatively to the survival rate of the newly-born infants. The expert and the president of the event declared the seminar successful. 02