Vampire couple discovered sucking each other blood

Friday 09 June 2017 2 months ago 139   London    Print

Vampire Couple that sucks blood of each other

Report  Web desk : LONDON: It was definitely a case of love at first bite when fetish model Lea met psychic Tim. The couple are real life vampires who have a passionate relationship based on sucking each others blood – and say it is better than sex. Countess Lea of House Van Doorn and Count Tim of House Van Doorn met two years ago at a vampire festival and felt an instant "connection of darkness", which quickly developed into a blood-sucking relationship. Now the pair, who care for Tim’s three-year-old son, Daedric, are planning to tie the knot in a vampire themed wedding ceremony next year. Lea, 20, said: "We are kind of like sharks once we get going. I feel this rush of life, their essence, and their energy is coming into me." 02