Vigilant Sindh police raids examination hall at Ghotki

Tuesday 25 April 2017 4 months ago 264   Hyderabad   Print

ASP Ghotki Asif Bahadur-File Photo

Blogger  Kaleem Butt : It seems to me that rather controlling the law and order Sindh police has got new duty to stop students from copying at examination centers, though I am not in favor of copying but whether it is job of police to stop students copying in the examination, are the police allowed to enter examination halls. A sad incident has come out this time from Ghotki district of Sindh, where ASP Asif Bahadur took in his custody two female students of class first year took them into police mobile and roamed the mobile in entire city, news stories also claim that both the female students were locked in DC Office for two hours, after which they were sent home. How could male police personnel detain female and that too students of college, how could the ASP ask them to sit beside male cops in police mobile? This is not a new case, some time ago police also showed vigilance when ASP (Under Training) Zahida Parveen Jamro conducted raids on different schools of Hyderabad and took away the student of SSC from examination hall again charges were of cheating in examination hall. If someone says that police is doing good job by conducting raids on examination halls then I would ask that person and even the Government of Sindh (if there is any) to close all the educational boards of Sindh and give these responsibilities to Sindh Police, they should conduct the exams, raid the centres put the cheaters in prison for lifetime and even check the examination copies, probably that is the only way to abolish copy culture from education of Sindh? I do not know what the parents and even those female students are thinking, but Sindh Government and IG Sindh A D Khawaja should take strict action against police officers like ASP (UT) Zahida Parveen Jamro and ASP Asif Bahadur, though his name Bahadur means brave but he has done act of cowardliness. Further more, IG Sindh Mr. A D Khawaja speaks about merit in Sindh police, now he should also tell these meritorious officers what are the duties and responsibilities of police. 02