Young Sindhi Novelist versus another Young Sindhi Novelist

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Blogger  Kaleem Butt : I have never understood why that happens? But one thing is sure it happens all the times I meet him, it was year or so when we first met…. And believe me since then he has one and the same accusation against me…. It was a friend of mine who introduced me to him, he is known as novelist in my native language and the crystal clear truth is he has just written one novel on his baldy love affair which has been edited by four different persons, his topic is as old as Sindhi literature, he is in love with a girl at his student life, the girl leaves him and the whole baldy novel ends…..I think he takes me as his rival…… this is only assumption and solely my own perception after meeting him for so many times. There is one word in this goddamnit world called jealousy that dates back as Adam himself. Abel was killed because his brother Cain was jealous of him. You cannot avoid this emotion well-known as jealousy, sometimes it may open doors for heaven to you and sometime it may ruin whole your life. You witness it everywhere and in different forms. Sometimes it is called professional jealousy and other times its just plain jealousy in your heart for a person whom you not want to see successful at any cost. I have said that there is jealousy everywhere and I can prove my claim as clear as daylight. A brother is jealous of his siblings just because he thinks his parents ignore him or love the other ones more. A journalist would never hail other journalist because if he does so it puts a question mark to his own worth. In the same way an author is always in hunt of his fellow authors, he is always ready to find out mistakes from other people work. No matter it is the master piece of literature. If we have a look at our Sindhi literature; there are endless examples writers have literally made lives hell of others just to sell their stupid books, I think this is what is happening to me too since last nine years when I have started to write…..However, I had made fiction my specialty; writing stories and novels publishing in various magazines and newspapers, apart from that my weekly columns also appear in various daily papers in Sindhi, Urdu and English………... Whenever I meet this novelist of my own generation, very well known as younger generation of writers…..He has only one charge against me, he never comments on the topic of my stories, nor characters……..the things he says making his face dull is: “Mr. Butt your language is too weak, you must improve……..” I smile and say: “Yes sir, I will.” Initially I used to think he is my well-wisher, and took him seriously; started browsing through the text books of Sindhi, to improve my language. After another story he commented the same and quoted me a list of some stupid books, which I have already read. Then I thought seriously and asked another story-writer to check few of my stories, he replied me “awesome” and said: I have wide range of topics, novelty in my presentation and all other such things. Then I told him about this novelist who always cries about my language. The person roared a laugh and told me not to worry; “the thing is you have better vision of fiction then him, you are a pure story and novel writer, while he is merely a dairy writer who hardly knows what is a novel?” The person who said me this was non-other than Mr. A. Qadir Junejo, the best in the business. After these remarks I do not care about that insane young novelist and laugh in my heart at his jealousy, which I do not know is professional or plain! 02