“I’ll Never Be Alone”


Hyderabad: 24 Jan 2023: How much pain do I owe the world?
And to myself for every time I blink
For many long years, I have pissed on the ground
Now time wants payback and offers me a drink
When my eyes grow tired with blood tears
I close the door to a vision unknown
I’m hiding but the pain always finds me
Invading my soul so I’ll never be alone
My soul has saved an enormous amount
of agony from my blood of needle and pen
I’m so misery in every breath of my life
My stories deaths end will never say when
I’m on loan to the executioner’s dream
Where I’m part of the audience that watches me die
Night to night I plead the darkness for a tear
As fingers cut my throat I choke on my last goodbye
I’m always going to owe with holes in my pockets
Pennies lost there’s no way to pay my debt
I’ve learned through the years my hope is dirt blood
So I follow the shadows to where my dead soul is kept.

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