11,000 sims of Non filers Blocked


Islamabad: 23 May 2024: The tax department, called the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), has stopped more than 11,000 mobile phone numbers of people who haven't paid taxes. The FBR is serious about making sure people pay their taxes. Earlier, it seemed like a court stopped the government from blocking these phone numbers.

But actually, the court only stopped action against a telecom company called Zong, not the blocking of phone numbers.

The FBR wants to block the phone numbers of over 500,000 people who didn't pay their taxes in 2023. But the telecom companies didn't agree at first.

They said it wasn't their job to do this. After some discussions, they agreed to start blocking the numbers gradually. So, the FBR is making sure people who don't pay taxes don't get to use their phones until they do.

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