7 Signs You Are "Too Nice"


Hyderabad: 16 Jan 2023: You often "forgive" easily and allow people to remain in your life with repeat harmful patters.

2) You feel overly responsible for other's feelings, and will go to any length to not cause pain even if that means not standing up for yourself.

3) You tell people "it's okay" and comfort them after they hurt you, even thought it really isn't.

4) You have a history of being "nice" to avoid harm, and this has become a survival skill.

5) You fear being labeled as "selfish", "toxic" or "not empathetic" for having reacting that are "not nice"

6) Being "nice is part of your identity, and you fear you must constantly be this way or you will be labeled as "fake".

7) When you think someone is upset with you, you begin to people please, compliment, and try harder for their approval.

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