90 percent of Relationships fail because communication is not being understood properly.


Hyderabad: 22 October 2021: "No, don't expect your lover to never get tired of your toxic traits and don't cry if they leave you for that. Even the most faithful lover gets burned out. Don't expect someone to love you despite of your negative attitudes when you can't even love yourself enough to make yourself grow and scrape out all of the toxicity in your soul." I want a love that tames my demons instead of shutting them down. A love that embraces the dark sides while distinguishing the poisonous parts of it; a love that nourishes. I want a love that listens, respects, and think. I want a love where I don't have to tremble with tears because of begging for the bare minimum. I want a love that will make me feel secured, protected, safe and sound, or whatever it is that guarantees peace. I want a love that wouldn't make me afraid of facing the future, a love that wouldn't make me think twice if it is really love. I want to be loved genuinely. A love that knows boundaries but could conquer the sea. I want a love that doesn't make me feel afraid to say what I feel, a love that acts on its words, a love that isn't selfish. I just want love, the pure kind of love. Tell me where can I find that kind of love? Or just tell me if I will ever have that kind of love."
— Kristine Emerald Madrones

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