9th Muharram,War of 72 that left a lesson for the Billions...


Iftikhar Hussain Kazmi
Hyderabad: 8 August 2022: It was dark, and desolate, frozen in time, amid day-long blazing sun, and warm sand. Hussain (AS) briefly addressed his 71-men, “army” of the young, and old in his tattered tent. First, he put out Chiragh. He told them that “Yazid was after his blood for not having paid allegiance to him. You are at liberty to go back to your home, and rejoin your families. Yazid may spare you. Leave me alone. I am pleased with each one of you, and stand witness to your loyalty to me, and my mission.”
Chiragh was lit again.
Not one man abandoned Hussain (AS). One by one, they all embraced martyrdom on the following day at Karbala, in close proximity to the Euphrate. Hussain (AS) was the last to lay down his life, immortalising himself for ever in human history in pursuance of امر بالمعروف و نہی عن المنکر.

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