A Candle In The Wind


Hyderabad: 29 December 2021: Is that what our love was like for you? A candle? Something that brought you warmth upon command, but could easily be extinguished and hidden, in the event something greater came along. And here I thought immolation was a sign of devotion. But I’ve learned the last lesson you had left to teach me, darling. Whether you had intended to do so or not, is irrelevant to me now. Because the realization carried pain all the same. I was a fool that believed a fire stoked by two could withstand the winds of change. But now I see, that I was the only one of us actually fanning the flames. You were already gone with the wind. For souls like yours possess a love that is subject to weather conditions. Yet mine was made to endure both sun and storms.
Clyde Hurlston

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