Ainy JAFRI said there is no shame in getting older


Karachi: 19 July 2023: Is there anything more annoying than witnessing a woman belittled on social media for no apparent reason? A "fan" recently wrote a really unpleasant comment on model and actor Ainy Jaffri's Instagram, which reminded us that we need to talk about why we dislike seeing women age.

We're not talking about seeing a small line, wrinkle or, God forbid, a grey hair.Set aside for a moment the profoundly unsettling reality that individuals believe they have the right to comment on how someone's face looks, whether they did anything to it or not. Instead, let's go to the bottom of the issue: we despise seeing people, especially women, age.

To 'age visibly' is to 'let go' of oneself. Do you care about your appearance? Women are asked if they let their grey hair grow out or if they use pricey lotions to conceal their wrinkles.

Although ageing is a natural process, women, particularly those in the spotlight, are evaluated harshly for it. They are evaluated if they do not hide their wrinkles or lines. If they are successful,





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