All Surgeries are not for beautification, some of them are being done to resolve medical issues.

Karachi: 27 October 2021: Pakistanis are very quick to judge other peoples for their make up, life choices and the bold step they take for them. This has nothing to with others but if you are celebrity then people are going to judge you blame you and drag you to the lowest. I had a deviated septum. The doctor told us we'd need to operate on the nose and surgically fix the bone. I've always been afraid of going under the knife. And cosmetically removing a part of my face just freaked me out. I didn't want to get it done then.
Over the years this protrusion in my nose has given me bleeds, an excessively dry nostril, infections in the winters, and worst of all a breathing problem!!This last year breathing had become extremely difficult. And with all this pollution around us, I thought it's just wise to have two working nostrils filtering the air. So, I did the surgery two months ago. Alhamdullilah it went perfectly fine. My fears about it were real though. Everything about it was painful and uncomfortable and scary. The procedure itself wasn't complicated, but the post operation time was hard. I found breathing quite difficult in the two weeks after the surgery, and had to stay glued to my bed. Cosmetically solving medical issues is considered such a taboo thing to do in Pakistan, and it isn't as people imagine it to be. It isn't always about beautification, there are a good number of cases when it's about alleviating pain, and improving health. Its best to educate ourselves before jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. It took eleven years of courage to get to this point, but I'm glad that I did it now, and can at least breathe normally.

Saheefa Jabbar

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