Amir liaquat have gone so low on his relationships

Karachi: 16 May 2022: About 7yrs ago, I remember watching a video where Junaid Jamshaid used some casual language to explain a Hadith related to Bibi Ayesha R.A. He did not use any derogatory term at all but his 'andaz e byaan' was a bit frank to engage the audience. However, he landed in hot waters when Amir Liaqat exploited this mistake as a way to increase his TRP and did an entire show dissing JJ and indirectly called his mother Fahaasha (lo*se-character). JJ apologised publicly & it was a very sincere apology where he blamed no one but himself. Yet Amir went onto another religious gathering & used extremely s#xually explicit language to mudsling JJ & called him a son of a Fahaasha again. JJ tweeted how Amir had hurt him more than anyone else in the world but Amir didn't stop maligning him until JJ was beaten up at an Airport. JJ tweeted this in May 7 years ago and it is May again 7 years later.. but the tables have now turned. Saza aur Jaza Allah K haath hai. Ghalti sab kartay hein mgr jo jo insan dusray pe Tohmat lagata hai, usko Allah ki laathi se darna chahiye. To accuse someone of things they didn't do or meant is a sin that never goes without reciprocation. It's a lesson for anyone who has accused someone. Allah kabhi be-gunnah ki takleef nazar andaz nahi karta. Makafat e amal grabs you, even years later.

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