An Open Letter to 2023


Hyderabad: 2 January 2023: It’s day 1 of 365. I am completely unaware of what lies ahead. I do have plans, I have dreams I want to fulfil, and goals I want to achieve.
2023, will I finally be able to get a hold of all the things I want and need this year? Will I finally be still, be at peace, and be happier than I have ever been?
2023, you saw how much I have persevered, endured, and fought these past years—both with external and silent battles. I was a good soldier, wasn’t I? I may have never signed up for it, but I learned a lot, didn’t I?
So, will it be too much if I tell you to please be good to me this year? I have grown tired of being strong, I just want to live happily and peacefully from here on out. I have become exhausted; perhaps I deserve a little rest and be given stability this time, right?
Whatever you have for me, bring it on, 2023. You saw me. I can take whatever you give me. I have my family, and my friends, but most of all, I have myself. You saw me grow through all these years; you now know I have become a force to be reckoned with.
Dear 2023, I will live by my rules this time. Is that alright? Like the previous years, I will go with the flow of life; not like a dead fish, but someone who makes her own current.
I have learned that there are things I cannot control, and that letting go is sometimes the best option. I have learned that people come and go, but family stays—no one gets left behind. I have learned that in order to give love to others, I should fill my love tank first—how can you love if you don’t love yourself enough, right? But most of all, I have learned that life is a rollercoaster of lows and highs—sometimes, I need to suck it up and go on living, instead of getting stuck in a void I created for myself. You see, I realized that some of the bad things that happened to me were my fault, too—I learned to be accountable and do better for myself, now.
See, 2023? I may not be at my best yet, but still, I can say I am doing well for my own good. Besides, we’re all a "work in progress", anyway. I still have a long way to go, but taking a step forward is already a big thing.
This year, I will live—abundantly, happily, peacefully—with the people who stayed with me through it all, and with His grace that propelled me to be exactly where I belong.
From the girl who will be living her best life—unapologetically, Me

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