Another year has come and gone, The clock ticked down, The New Year came, But you were not around

Hyderabad: 2 January 2023: Another year has come and gone
The clock ticked down
The New Year came
But you were not around
Like years before
When we celebrated together
Not this year
You moved on
I have shed so many tears
My heart shattered
Even the love of those dearest to me
Cannot heal the pain
Through it all
I have learned some things
I did it
I can do it
Without you
Even though it hurts
Time heals all
Or so they say
Maybe time just helps you forget
As a New Year dawns
I think it is time
To let the hurts of years gone by
Stay in the past
Even though you did not or could not love me
There are many who do
They have stood beside me
Through thick and thin
Loved me when I certainly did not deserve it
May God bless you in all you do
I hope Karma will be kind to you
Hopefully no one will ever hurt you
Like you have hurt me
And may I always remember
The lesson that loving you has taught me

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