As you grow you became less interested in noisy places and making chaos



Hyderabad: 2 October 2021: As years pass by I've learned to just let life taught me the lessons I need to know, instead of making things more complicated. I became more willing to embrace the things that I need to understand. Somehow I've learned to become more of a listener. I became calmer at most of situations, that I never thought I would be, for I used to be so loud. As I grow older I learned to fix my problems quietly as possible. I became less interested in noisy places and making chaos.

I begin to appreciate the good kind of silence. I don't know but I guess it has something to do with my age. Growing old makes me a boring person. And now I do agree that growing old helps you widen your patience to an extent. It has advantages and disadvantages though, but the advantages is quite good actually, and I don't mind being a boring Aunt.

The impatient and stubborn me was gone already, but I'm enjoying the peace I have now. I guess solitude gives me the satisfaction I never had. That's why being boring makes me feel okay with myself. Though I know life needs spice to make it lifer, but I guess I am okay with whom I have become. And for me, that's what matters most for now.

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