Assemblies dissolved, ignorant masses considering anarchy as victory

Advocate Khalil Jibran
Karachi : 3 April 2022: If any act or order is a nullity in law (which means they are considered void ab initio) then any proceedings flowing from it are also void. A nullity can't be perpetuated. PM losses right to dissolve Assemblies when Motion of Vote of No Confidence is pending. Dismissing VNC was unconstitutional & through that PM assuming right to ask President to dissolve Assemblies is also void. If the Supreme Court accepts that Assemblies stand dissolved and elections should take place then that in effect would be validating today's unconstitutional proceedings. The SC will most likely reverse all proceedings & direct for VNC to be put to vote in line with Constitution. Democracy can only work if all political parties, leaders & institution submit themselves to a mutually agreed higher value/code which in our case is our Constitution. PTI through its repeated actions have clearly demonstrated it's willing to sacrifice democracy to save itself. But they don't realise that if democracy doesn't survive they won't either.

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