Ayub Khoso records protest against rising inflation by riding bicycle


KARACHI: 26, OCTOBER, 2021: Protests against inflation and unemployment have taken various shapes across the country.
Opposition parties adopted several ways of protesting by holding rallies and raising slogans against growing inflation.
Similarly, a renowned actor Ayub Khoso took to the street and adopted unique way to protest against rising inflation and increase in petrol prices.
The actor recorded his protest by riding a bicycle on Karachi’s busy road.
The reactions came after the government had increased the price of petrol by Rs10.49 per liter effective from October 16.
The new price of petrol will be Rs137.79 per liter against the current rate of Rs127.20 per liter.
The prices of high-speed diesel (HSD) were increased by Rs12.44 per liter and will now cost Rs134.48 per liter.
The price of kerosene oil was also increased by Rs10.95 per liter to Rs110.26 per liter.
In addition, light diesel oil will cost Rs8.84 more and will be at Rs108.35 per liter. (04)

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