Hyderabad: 6 Sep 2022:Don't take yourself so a little more often....
See the humor in things a little more.
You can't change life, but life changes itself if you look at it with a different view.
Sometimes it is good to take off the glasses of perfection and see the perfection in things as they are.
Stop enforcing things that are not enforceable.
Do you feel abandoned?
Not heard? Then don't project your feelings of displeasure onto the messenger or the other party in this....but turn your attention inward.
That which is reflected in your outer world can only exist because it resonates with what is going on inside of you.
Do not look for the solution in the other party, but in the strong and loving power of your True Self.
Spend some more time on the things that make you...really happy and joyful and you will see that the outside world will transform automatically because things have changed within you.
Don't lose heart.... Don't give your ego a chance to bring yourself down or talk yourself into the abyss.
Instead, put your hands on your heart and feel Life beating under your hands.
YOUR life that demands your sincere and loving attention.
Smile at yourself.
Do you miss the attention of the other person? Then first give yourself all the attention....then the other will automatically know what to do.
Good example leads to good follow. If you are first Good to Yourself....then the other will know how to act.

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