Baldia, Korangi factory ablaze indicate callous state behavior towards labor safety in Pakistan.


Salma Soomro

Karachi: 29 August 2021: The lives of innocent laborers and the poor class have little to no value in this country, if one pays enough attention to it, and the recent industrial accidents also prove the above statement as true. Such cases remain in limelight for some time and then vanish when another case, accident more gruesome arrives in the media.

Most even the perpetrators roam freely and are evicted from courts based on lack of evidence. Recently 16 laborers in Korangi industrial area died and earlier 250 plus people were burned alive in Baldia Factory Karachi.  This was a deliberate act of arson but the culprits remain free. Only if the factory owner is punished for not keeping safety measures for the laborers.

The state does not seem interested in the safety of the workers and keeping labor inspections on time. if things were planned properly and proper evacuation and safety measures were taken then 250 people of Baldia factory and 16 laborers of Korangi Karachi factory would have been with their family alive, working and supporting their families.

It is reported that factories and industrial units are located in populated areas, Korangi and Baldia factories had only 1 gate, no emergency exit. ILO international labor organization describe Pakistan as the worst country in terms of labor rights and their working condition, moreover, they say potential hazards in labor working conditions are not tackled. 

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