Baloch are fearless and courageous people,their generations have faced miseries and oppression

Khadija Abbas
Quetta: 27 April 2022: Balochs are fearless and courageous people. The level of neglect, oppression and atrocity they faced, no one else could even imagine. The Missing persons' cases kept piling up, yet no one batted an eye! However, this does NOT mean that we can justify a heinous act of terror¡sm! Those innocent people who got k¡lled were targeted as sacrificial lambs behind the guise of a very important Baloch movement. An act of k¡lling remains a crime no matter what is presented in its defence! "An educated woman with two young kids bl/ws herself up to get justice", WHAT MADE HER DO THAT is a question to be asked. But it does NOT make it right. This is no act of retaliation. Your "sacrifice" only k¡lled innocent people, not your criminals. And out of everyone YOU should have known better how it feels to lose a loved one. If we start justifying terror¡sm, then believe me every single terror¡st would give you a great analogy behind their act. This man is celebrating her wrongful action, further brainwashing her kids. These kids do not deserve the oppression their community faces, but they also did not deserve to lose their mother for something so wrong. This was an act of terror¡sm, and nothing can justify innocent k¡llings, period.

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